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Putting your opinion out online 'pays off' - 16 Handles and life to go...

Late afternoon worked out pretty well. I found myself with nothing to review (and felt a little like the Marquis De Sade in Quills, but towards the end) so, I did what most other journalists with nothing to grade do: they go on Yelp. Surely? I began reviewing everything: from my favourite nail salon place to the place with the best crepes and sushi on the Upper East Side etc. What I learned is that I am a loyal customer. And my husband is made of the same fabric. If we find something that we enjoy doing, we do it to death. Take the frozen yoghurt at 16 Handles, for example. They have all sorts, including a lot of vegan options. My husband and I have noticed that we've been hanging in there quite regularly in the last few months. And when they offered us a 'rewards card', we took it.  Party place Last Friday, we got delayed by something and ended up leaving the house late. We knew we'd make it before midnight (which is when it closes at the weekend), but