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The Force Awakens was the movie that any Star Wars veter-f-an needed to see!

My little Chewie rucksack made a guest appearance as my husband and I went to the movie theatre earlier today. And he sat on my lap for the whole duration of the movie. Love my little Chewie rucksack! The Force was truly strong within me as I went through two hours and 16 minutes without taking a bathroom break during this movie - nothing would get in the way of me and Star Wars VIII - The Force Awakens. Oh the Dark Side has the best couture! Thirty two years since I'd first watched the last of the movies from the original trilogy, Return Of The Jedi, it felt as time had stood still. Why did we all have to wait this long?! I'd have been ready for The Force Awakens in 1999 - instead of being subjected to The Phantom Menace and Jar Jar Binx (is that even the correct spelling for that thing ?) That's why I do sympathize with Tim from Spaced on this topic. The bet I had set with myself as to whether I'd get 'something in my eye' at the end of the