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When delusions get the better of you - go get a hobby

It's that simple.  Obsessive over money? Feeling good about yourself?  Get your mind off your obsession(s) and go find a hobby that will make you feel better about yourself. Ultimately, I am sorry that you feel so worthless that you have to focus on discrediting others in order to increase your self worth, but be aware that it is a temporary solution. The bottom line is - mind your own business and look inside yourself to find happiness.  Do not spend your spare time being jealous of others because they have something you wish you could have.  Recognize this? You're the one wearing the eye patch - ugly, isn't it? Go get your own - dream job, Prince Charming, house, car and so forth... Get it? #Disease Yes, I am talking to you - even though you do not know who you really are. You just think that your problems come from outside of yourself. That's a delusion you are living under... Poor girl, your distorted vision of yo