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Dear pissed off high school kids - you're fucking awesome!

I have just come across this article in Wonkette and I nearly popped a vein I laughed so hard. Fucking brilliant I have the Rachel Maddow Show in the background and I have just heard her say that the high schoolers who have commented on the school shooting and the gun control policy change that's needed have been some of the most eloquent people that she's ever heard. Rachel Maddow? Jesus Christ, that's such a solid compliment. I feel the same. The kids that have been interviewed by the various tv stations during today's protests do put some of my music industry friends and peers to shame. Same goes for those who prepared and delivered speeches today and in the last couple of days. If anything, these kids will grow to become adults who will make some sound decisions within politics and for that, the future looks brighter than it's done in a while. The future... So exciting. Mrs PP Head