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Trump changes tune over wages after Sanders broadside - who's the real leader?

"Wages are too high," said delusional presidential candidate, Donald Trump a few months ago. Was he referring to the $7.25 per hour minimum wage, perhaps? Sounds familiar? However, he appears to have had a change of heart (hear the sound of that stampede? That's people rushing to find out whether he actually has one). This occurred after Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders called him out on his delusional statement(s).  Adolf Hitler - another fan of ethnic cleansing.  You can read more about Trump's change of heart HERE . Not that it matters much since, if you are of a sane disposition, you are not part of the 30% Republicans who believe this man to be a worthy candidate for the US presidency. If anything, reading this piece will highlight to you the notion that true leaders are those who do not shout or coerce others to follow them (and propose to keep a database of certain nationals like, for example, Hitler did with the Jews just a fe