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Trump is upset that the DOJ did not investigate Obama for this...

...not investigating the Russian threat prior to the 2016 elections. These two...never got a room. LET'S CORRECT THE RECORD. President Obama did just what Big Foot is accusing him of not doing. Here's HOW . Here's a segment from the article on Slate: "Barack Obama deserves blame for deciding not to go forward with an aggressive response to Russia on his own—and honestly, for believing there was any chance in the first place that McConnell would have any interest in undermining foreign support for the Republican presidential candidate. But Mitch McConnell also deserves a lot of blame for being a craven hack who didn’t defend his country when he had the chance. One might even argue that what he did was unpatriotic, and that it should disqualify him from continuing to serve as one of the government’s most powerful figures." And here's my retweet of Big Foot's tweet about this earlier. About Obama and McConnell talking about this - I wasn't