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Donald J Trump and those 'Russian hackers' isn't the focus and the public is being manipulated

Russian hackers' hands jumped on those keyboards as soon as Trump said 'jump'...what did Trump promise them? Exposure on the US media. WHAT?! I first heard Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook talk about 'Russian hackers' delivering the DNC emails to the public in order to aid the Trump campaign last week. Then the Obama administration jumped onto it and the media is now covering it like it is reality. Then, Trump held a press conference to defend himself from those allegations and now, he is the bad guy. Obama - jumped on the Mook's 'Russian hackers' bandwagon The truth as I see it - NOBODY has come out to confirm that 'Russian hackers', indeed, infiltrated the DNC email server. Yet. But everyone - Clinton campaign, Obama administration, the media and their dog - is peddling this story like they all have evidence. This is done to deflect from the real threat - the DNC emails content - it caused the DNC's CFO to