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Why are the ones who spread the best vibes the first ones to go?

As if Bernie Sanders getting shafted by his own party and Trump winning the elections on my birthday (November 9th) weren't enough to put me off 2016, I wasn't ready for the horrible news about Carrie Fisher.'s death which was followed by her lovely mum, Ms Debbie Reynolds. It was only a couple of months ago that I'd had interacted with my eight-year-old self's hero (Princess Leia) as I escorted her and her lovely dog, Gary around the Alice Tully Hall during the New York Film Festival. Carrie Fisher was there to attend the premiere of 'Bright Lights', the documentary also featuring her mother, Debbie Reynolds and her brother, Todd Fisher (who attended the film festival, too). Funnily enough, during the Q&A with the audience after the documentary, Todd Fisher called their mum on the phone since an audience member had just asked a question to which he believed his mother would have the right answer. It was a lovely display of harmony, showing what a ti

Can meeting your childhood heroes spoil your memories?

Once I booked an EDM event where this guy turned up with two lightsabers. One each. When my husband and I decided to go to the cinema to see 'Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens' last year, I mentioned that I'd probably be welling up towards the end of the movie. I was wrong. The reality of watching 'The Force Awakens' 39 years after 'A New Hope' had first tugged at my heart's strings was at odds with the tenacity of the seven-year-old inside me who'd never grown out of wanting to be a Jedi princess. No matter how much I strived to act like an 'adult' on December 22nd 2015, I lost my shit at this scene: - the movie's opening titles. And with 'losing my shit' I mean, I began sobbing uncontrollably. Following that, THIS was the scene that made me simultaneously laugh and cry:- Han and Chewie jump out onto the Millennium Falcon. Again. And this is the scene that made my eyes water like the fountain in front of New

The Force Awakens was the movie that any Star Wars veter-f-an needed to see!

My little Chewie rucksack made a guest appearance as my husband and I went to the movie theatre earlier today. And he sat on my lap for the whole duration of the movie. Love my little Chewie rucksack! The Force was truly strong within me as I went through two hours and 16 minutes without taking a bathroom break during this movie - nothing would get in the way of me and Star Wars VIII - The Force Awakens. Oh the Dark Side has the best couture! Thirty two years since I'd first watched the last of the movies from the original trilogy, Return Of The Jedi, it felt as time had stood still. Why did we all have to wait this long?! I'd have been ready for The Force Awakens in 1999 - instead of being subjected to The Phantom Menace and Jar Jar Binx (is that even the correct spelling for that thing ?) That's why I do sympathize with Tim from Spaced on this topic. The bet I had set with myself as to whether I'd get 'something in my eye' at the end of the