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Where To Invade Next is an ode to European sensibilities and human decency

Film maker, Michael Moore holds a special place in my heart. Because he comes from Flint.

I had heard a lot about Flint over the years and when my husband was invited for a job interview in that town, I jumped at the chance to accompany him. We stayed in Detroit for four days and drove around to his various job interviews (he had three at the time) in the area. We fell in love with Detroit's lack of traffic and its absence of rude citizens. He ended up not taking any of the jobs he interviewed for back then, but that's another story. We loved what we saw of Michigan. Flint, in particular, held a very special place in our heart because of its history and what we witnessed ourselves - endless streets of abandoned homes (in North Flint, in particular), where you would not want to park your car and venture out for a walk in daylight. I was left wondering how these people could live there and feel safe. It was then that my husband suggested we watch 'Roger And Me'. It was n…

Third Democratic debate sees Sanders soar in the polls!

The excitement about the third Democratic debate stayed constant throughout the night. Even during most of Hillary Clinton's responses. Or Martin O'Malley's unashamed self-promotion while Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were, as he called it, 'bickering' gun control,

Sometime, O'Malley comes across as poised, inspiring and quite insightful in his statements. Most times, however, he appears as if he badly needs to pander to whatever topic is hot in the news to feel relevant. He is the Democratic equivalent to Ted Cruz, a man whose speeches look and sound like auditions for roles on General Hospital (that's still going, right?) - albeit, he comes across desperate, like he is trying too hard. Last night, however, I was mesmerized by O'Malley's ears. Never before had I noticed that they were so sharp as to make him look like a Vulkan. Hillary Clinton acted with great class and delivered some great vocal pieces, however, it was Bernie Sanders that sto…

Bernie Sanders flyering event at Lincoln Center for Star Wars big opening night!

Notwithstanding the rain, Jack Shultz and I ventured outside and kept up with the Bernie program.

Star Wars' 'The Force Awakens' had its opening night in NYC and we made it our business to spread the Bernie word to those wanna-be Jedis queuing outside the movie theater.

Did the Upper West Side feel the Bern? A good 80% of people we interacted with today were either supportive of or open to Bernie's message. Here's the flyer we were giving out:

And for your personal delectation, here's a short snippet of our interaction with a cute couple of ladies:

Mum and millennial daughter walk past, mum accepts flyer. Two seconds later, the daughter runs back towards us. "Could I please have a Bernie Sanders flyer??? I love him!!!" Hmm... "So, let me get this right," I attempted to guess. "You're for Bernie and your mum is a Hillary fan eh?"
"Oh no, my mum is not that much into politics," she responds. "But I really love this…